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Happy New Year! - Week 52

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Happy New Year!


Welcome Everybody,

It's the last day of the year and I'm super excited to share my vision for 2024 with you.

It's hard to go into detail on how beneficial the consistency of writing this newsletter is for me. It truly is the best thing I've started last year and I couldn't live without it anymore.

I'm extremely grateful for all you dedicated readers. It many not be many, but you are the reason I'm pushing myself to stay consistent. Which is ultimately why I'm gaining so much from this.

I wish you all the very best 2024 possible!!

✍🏻 Journal Entry

You can read my journal entry of this week here:

A New Growth Cycle Starts

📚 Book Progress

I'm writing my book in the open so you don't have to wait for it. And it would be very beneficial to me if you share your thoughts and feedback with me.

▶️ Other Cool Stuff

Here are the three video's that gave me the most inspiration on how I handled my goal setting this year:

Why Manifestation Isn’t Just A Trend: How To Manifest - Roxie Nafousi

video preview

How to Make 2024 The Best Year of Your Life

video preview

New Year’s Resolutions: Don't Make These Mistakes In 2024

video preview

The Weekly Mystic - Spotify Playlist

Check out my playlist with great conscious music here:

The Weekly Mystic • Ben
The Legend of Drops • Farawa...
Spotify Logo

That’s it folks, have a blessed Sunday!

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I talk about spiritual growth through healing your emotional blocks, with your side hustle | 7+ years since my first mystical experience.

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